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First of all, we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in our website.

Following a transparency policy, we attach the general conditions of contracting on our website; Legal and corporate information, forms of payment, additional expenses, duration and termination of the contract, termination conditions and rights to desist, among others. Please read all this information carefully and in case of a doubt you are welcome to contact us. 

Alvaro de Falguera Gaminde is the owner of the domain. Insurance broker registered in the DGSFP registry of the Ministry of Economy and Finance with the number F-2205. 

In compliance with Law 26/2006 of July 27, Mediation in private insurance and reinsurance, I inform you that the purpose of my services, as well as those offered through my portals and websites, is to provide objective professional advice on the type of insurance contract that fits best the client’s needs. Based on this, the users are aware that they can contact the agency (DGSFP of the Ministry of Economy and Finance) to make any verification or inquiry in this regard. The policyholder expressly authorizes Alvaro de Falguera, Insurance Broker F-2205, that his personal data, as well as all the information that might be needed in case of a sinister, are subject to automated processing, as they are necessary and essential for the establishment and maintenance of the mediation in the policy and in order to keep you occasionally informed about products and services related to the insurance activity. Granting your express consent for the data to be transferred to the Insurance Company with which you conclude the insurance contract.


The rights of access, rectification and cancellation may be exercised with the Broker himself, as the file responsible, in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on Data Protection.


In we comply with all security measures in terms of legally required protection of personal data.


All the required reasonable measures pursuant to current knowledge and technologies have been adopted in order to avoid as far as possible the loss, misuse, alteration, illegitimate intrusion and theft of personal data provided by the insured.


The Civil Liability insurance and Surety insurance are arranged in accordance with the article 27e of Law 26/2006 on Mediation of private insurance and reinsurance.


We comply with current legislation on the Prevention of Money Laundering (Law 10/2010, of April 28) in order to prevent our insurance brokerage from being used as a mechanism or procedure for the possible realization of fraudulent activities in the practice of money laundering and financing of terrorism, through the commercialization of insurance products in the field of life insurance and pension funds and plans. Those conflicts that may arise as a result of the use of this website will be resolved according to current Spanish legislation, subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the insured’s domicile, when he is in Spain, or that of the Courts and Tribunals. of Barcelona, ​​when the insured is abroad.

Article 16 of Regulation EC 44/2001.

  1. The action brought by a consumer against the other contracting party may be brought before the courts of the Member State in which that party is domiciled or before the court of the place where the consumer is domiciled.


  1. The action brought against the consumer by the other contracting party may only be brought before the courts of the Member State in which the consumer is domiciled.


  1. This article shall not affect the right to present a counterclaim before the court that has jurisdiction over a principal claim pursuant to this section.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies, for more information please see our section on the cookies policy.

The Right to Intellectual and Industrial Property. and its logos are a registered trademark. The web is owned by the insurance broker Alvaro de Falguera, who has the exclusive right to use it, except those logos and texts granted and expressly authorized by insurance companies with which we have signed a mediation contract. The user of this website has no right of use, reproduction, disclosure or exploitation of the website and its content without the express consent of the owner.


How can I claim?

Similarly, in order to offer a transparent service according to your needs, below we answer the most frequent questions about the steps to follow to open a claim process, informing you about the operation of our Customer Service Department.


Any customer of Nautia Seguros Náuticos, a commercial brand that markets the insurance services of Alvaro de Falguera Gaminde, can place a claim.


We define as a client the policyholder/insured or any person who directly or indirectly intervenes in the policy and/or has intervened in the process of contracting it (insured, beneficiaries, users of the website, third parties), as long as for contracting the policy the mediation services offered by the owner were used.

In which cases can I raise a claim?


As a client or user of our websites, you should raise a claim whenever you consider that the service provided by our staff has not been adequate or does not respect your interests, rights, good business practices, either in direct relation to insurance contract or the intermediary activity.


How should I proceed to raise a claim?

If your claim is about any incident occurred during the issuance or renewal of the policy, contracting additional guarantees, payments, processing sinister, or any aspect related to daily operations, you should contact your adviser, who will do his best to solve the problems efficiently as possible.


You can contact your advisor:

– By phone: 93 414 15 36

– By email:

– In person, arranging an appointment at our headquarters in Barcelona: 23-25 Miquel i Planas str., office 1, Barcelona08034.


Department business hours:

– Monday to Thursday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

– Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 13 p.m.


What happens if my Advisor does not solve the problem?

If your advisor does not resolve the incident, you can get in touch directly with the Insurance Broker, Mr. Alvaro de Falguera Gaminde, via the same means detailed in the previous point, and he will contact you in a maximum of 5 business days, starting with the day you submit the application.


What if I do not agree with the professional management of the Company?

If you consider that there has been mismanagement by the Company, which has caused you harm, and if after communication attempts via the channels set out in the previous points, you have not been satisfied with the response received from your advisor and/or from The Broker, legally you have the right for the Customer Service in accordance with the Order ECO 734/2004 of March 11. Alvaro de Falguera Gaminde, as a private person owner of the domain, informs that any customer who wants to make any complaint or claim related to his services as an insurance broker, can contact our customer service department «JGBR Horwath Abogados y Asesores Tributarios, SL» located in 429 Diagonal av., 5th floor, Barcelona 08029; which has a period of 2 months to resolve their complaints.


You can access the operating regulations of this department in the following link: Regulation Customer Service Department Nautia is adhered to CONFIANZA ONLINE:

The parties submit, of their choice, for resolution of conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the user’s domicile. Likewise, as an entity adhered to CONFIANZA ONLINE and in the terms of its Code of Ethics, in case of controversies related to online contracting and advertising, data protection and protection of minors, the user may resort to the controversy resolution system of CONFIDENCE ONLINE (


Likewise, in order to complement the offered information, below we attach the General Conditions of the main insurance companies with which the mediating function is exercised, without being limiting, being subject to variation.

  • Conditions F
  • Conditions A
  • Conditions G
  • Conditions M
  • Conditions E
  • Conditions I
  • Conditions S


Responsibility for the use of the website.

Alvaro de Falguera, insurance broker F-2205, declines any responsibility for the improper or fraudulent use of this website and for the lack of accuracy or updating the content or provided services; I am not responsible for errors in the provision of the web services for reasons beyond the control of Alvaro de Falguera Insurance broker F-2205.



Right to correct errors and divergences.

The insurance policy pending issue agreed with the Under writer of your choice will be issued in accordance with the data you have provided and with the cover agreed at the time.

Policy exempted from the obligation to provide prior information to the insured and objective analysis (Article 42 of Law 26/2006), as it is the mediation of a great risk.

This information has been provided verbally or in writing through the web contract prior to the contracting.


It is necessary and essential that after issuing the insurance contract you REVISE it in order to check any divergence or error, in which case we inform you that you have the right to request its correction within a month from the moment the policy is delivered to you; after this term it will be necessary to comply with its clauses (Art. 8 – Insurance Contract Law). In the case of a life insurance, both in the case of detecting any divergences or in general for any other reason, you also have the right to terminate the contract within one month from the delivery of the policy (Art.83 –Law of Insurance Contract), except in the case of a life insurance in which you assume the risk of the investment, or a life insurance contract in which the guaranteed return depends on the investments.


Termination of the contract by the insurance company.

When the insured object is transmitted, the insurer has the right to terminate the insurance contract within 15 days after it becomes aware of the transmission. Law 14/2014 on Maritime Navigation indicates that the alienation of the vessel or the change of owner in nautical management cause the extinction of the insurance contract, unless the insurer expressly accepts its continuation. An insured object has to exist for the insurance cover to exist. The legitimate patrimonial objects, present or future, exposed to maritime navigation risks, may be subject to insurance. The lack of object will determine the nullity of the contract. When errors and inaccuracies occur in the previous questionnaire, the insurer may terminate the insurance contract within one month from the moment of getting aware of the fact. The insurer may terminate the insurance contract in cases when the risk has been aggravated, the insurer has proposed to the policyholder a modification of the contract to adapt it to the new risk and the policyholder rejects it or remains silent.


Contract termination by the Policyholder.

There is the right of the policyholder to terminate the contract without indication of the reason and without penalty of any kind when the following requirements are met: The termination warning must be sent in writing to the insurer, within a maximum period of 14 days (patrimonial insurance class), to count from the day in which the conditions of the contract are sent telemetrically to the insured. This cannot be applied to temporary insurance contracts of a duration shorter than the period foreseen to terminate. This cannot be applied to obligatory insurance. There must not have been a sinister covered by the contract during that period. Exercising the right of termination the contract does not exempt the Policyholder from paying the proportional part of the annual premium corresponding to the period during which the insurance contract was valid (from the conclusion of the contract until the date of the termination notice). In case the insurer has not informed the insured about the right of terminating the contract, or if the insurer has begun to perform the contract without a request from the insured, the insured will not be obliged to pay the corresponding proportional part. Article 10 of Law 22/2007, of July 11, on distance marketing of financial services for consumers, «The consumer will have a period of fourteen calendar days to terminate the contract remotely, without giving reasons and without any penalty. «


Communications by email.

The client expressly authorizes and its owner Alvaro de Falguera to send information and messages related to their insurance contract via email to the email address indicated in the order form, in order to set an effective written communication between the insurance company and the insured.


Modality and Authorization (Law 16/2009) of Payment Services.

The methods of payment offered by our brokerage are:

1- Payment through secure banking platform, TPV on-line by a credit card.


2- Bank transfer to the account that we will provide you once the insurance is acquired.


3- Charge directly to the current account provided by the Policyholder in the order form. The payment for your insurance will be deducted directly by the insurer from your bank account not before the start date of the contract. The policyholder of the insurance policy declares that he is the owner, and if he is not – that he has the authorization of the owner, of the current account indicated in the policy application, authorizing direct debiting with the amount of the receipts the indicated bank account starting with the effect date of the policy, by the insurer indicated in the order application, for the current insurance annuity and successive renewals, until further notice. The direct debit will follow the SEPA direct debit regulations. As part of your rights, you have the right to be reimbursed by your financial institution in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract signed with your financial institution. Thus refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which the debit was made on your account. The information that will be indicated in the payment: the creditor (insurance company), reference of the direct debit order (contract and receipt number), type of payment (recurring payment of insurance premiums, renewable annual contract).


This contract is subject to Spanish legislation on insurance contract by Law 50/1980, of October 8 (BOE October 17, 1980), with the amendments introduced by Law 21/1990 of December 19, by Royal Legislative Decree 5/2004 of October 29 approving the Law on the Regulation and Supervision of Private Insurance, by Law 26/2006 of July 17, on the mediation of private insurance and reinsurance and as agreed in the general and individual conditions of the requested insurance contract.


Duration of the contract:

The duration of the insurance contract offered through our website is extendable annually, unless an inferior period has been expressly agreed upon. The renewal of the contract at the end of the annuity is automatic, unless either of the 2 parties, Insurance Company or Policyholder, communicate in writing to the other party their intention not to renew the contract with at least 2 months’ notice before the expiration date. (LAW 50/1980 of OCTOBER 8, Insurance contract).


Express acceptance of these general contract conditions by the Policyholder.

The applicant acknowledges the accuracy of the statements above, and authorizes that they serve as a basis for preparation of the insurance contract accepting the legal consequences of their omission or lack of veracity.


The requested insurance will only take effect when the corresponding policy has been signed by both contractual parties and the Company has received the premium or the payment of the first receipt.

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